BOS / Facilities O & M, Interim Services
Beale AFB, CA

Construction and maintenance of 16,000 SF of modular office space to include general facilities maintenance along with mass notification, sewage, pest control, waste management, electrical, and furnishings. Maintenance contract to continue through 2016.

Bioenvironmental Engineering Technical Support for Air National Guard Bureaus, Nationwide

Originally awarded through a Mobile USACE contract, SCMC provided the Air National Guard (ANG) with comprehensive occupational and bio-environmental engineering technical support at many of its installations nationwide (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, & Alaska). Technical assistance included occupational surveillance to assess and document occupational health conditions. Exposures to chemical, physical, and biological hazards were assessed prompted by changes to OSHA regulations. SCMC provided training, monitoring and personnel supporting various ANG missions nationwide. SCMC developed, planned, and implemented bioenvironmental engineering activities, and on-base activities per AFI 48-101, other ANG, and government requirements. SCMC surveyed to identify chemical, biological and radiological contaminants to protect military and civilian personnel and the public.