Operation & Maintenance Petroleum Remediation System SWMU FBSB-101 Ft. Benning, GA

PetroleumRemediationSCMC operated and maintained the groundwater treatment system at SWMU FBSB-101. Activities included: monthly maintenance of the water treatment system, monthly system water sampling, replacing granular activated carbon as needed per lab results, disposal of the treatment system’s waste fuel, and disposal of PPE and spent filtration media staged in 55-gallon drums. Semi-annual groundwater sampling from 18 monitor wells were documented in Corrective Action Plan Progress Reports, to include its results and associated site activities.

Innovative Technology Implementation, High Pressure Injection
Bushnell, FL

InnovativeTechDue to the local difficult geological and hydrogeological conditions at this site, an innovative remedial approach using high pressure injection of bio-augmentation solutions was selected and implemented via 4-inch injection wells in limestone bedrock. Injection wells were installed as open boreholes with carbon steel casing using a sonic drill rig. After the first year of monitoring following the injections, groundwater showed a 50% net reduction in contaminant concentrations. As a result, a second round of injections was authorized and performed. Quarterly and semi-annual sampling is performed in order to gauge remedial progress.

First Division Road Landfill
Ft. Benning, GA

FirstDivisionSCMC operated and maintained the First Division Road Landfill that consisted of inspection and monitoring, pump maintenance, waste disposal, system operations and calibration, and well monitoring.
Monthly inspection and monitoring of gas content at 39 gas vents on the landfill was performed and methane flow from the gas vents was adjusted to ensure methane did not migrate off-site. Maintenance on the submersible pumps, pumping waste water (leachate) accumulated in the collection system was conducted. Proper disposal the waste water, operating and maintaining the methane collection equipment, monitoring/calibrating telemetry readings, inspecting and adjusting over one mile of methane piping, and collecting gas readings on the perimeter methane monitoring wells were also performed. The methane gas extraction system contained above-ground adjustable pipe stanchions so the condensate pipes can be easily adjusted as the landfill subsides.

Escambia Treating Company Superfund Site
Pensacola, FL

EscambiaSCMC performed water treatment system operations and maintenance at the Escambia Treating Company Superfund Site to include: water treatment system installation, installation of pumps/level sensors/digital readouts at four sump locations, pumping waste water from a lined soil cell, sampling the waste water stream, and general upkeep of the site. Waste water samples were collected from sample ports between activated carbon vessels for every 50,000 gallons of water treated. Sample results were reviewed monthly to determine when the granular activated carbon filtration media needed to be changed to prevent any breakthrough of contaminants. Operation included nearly daily inspection and optimization of the treatment system to maximize pumping rate, while maintaining optimum water treatment efficiency.

Bioenvironmental Engineering Technical Support for Air National Guard Bureaus, Nationwide Andrews AFB

Originally awarded through a Mobile USACE contract, SCMC provided the Air National Guard (ANG) with comprehensive occupational and bio-environmental engineering technical support at many of its installations nationwide (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, & Alaska). Technical assistance included occupational surveillance to assess and document occupational health conditions. Exposures to chemical, physical, and biological hazards were assessed prompted by changes to OSHA regulations. SCMC provided training, monitoring and personnel supporting various ANG missions nationwide. SCMC developed, planned, and implemented bioenvironmental engineering activities, and on-base activities per AFI 48-101, other ANG, and government requirements. SCMC surveyed to identify chemical, biological and radiological contaminants to protect military and civilian personnel and the public

ACW Superfund Site Stormwater Line Waste Management
Pensacola, FL

ACWThe City of Pensacola project consisted of installing a new stormwater line through a contaminated portion of the American Creosote Works (ACW) Superfund Site. SCMC was contracted to pump, treat, sample, and dispose of the contaminated water generated from the dewatering system. Temporary piping, diesel powered pumps, and a mobile water treatment facility to treat the contaminated water onsite were installed. During dewatering, free product was mixed into the wastewater stream. The free product was separated, stored, sampled, manifested and properly disposed off-site. The remaining wastewater stream was further treated using hydrogen peroxide to reduce contaminant levels prior to proper disposal. The free product encountered also required decontamination of the treatment equipment.

AAFES Car Center Remedial Action
Ft. Stewart, GA

AAFESHistorical leaking of UST systems and piping at the former AAFES Car Care Center at Ft. Stewart required soil and groundwater remediation.

SCMC delineated soil contamination, removed the existing canopy, installed sheet piling, excavated soil, dewatered the excavation, including treatment of the contaminated groundwater, applied an oxygen release compound to the contaminated soil and groundwater area, and restored the site.

Groundwater was treated through the dewatering system was routed to an infiltration gallery after testing of the showed no evidence of volatile organic compounds. Site restoration activities included backfill of clean soil, compaction, and asphalt replacement. Post-remedial action activities included quarterly and semi-annual groundwater monitoring and reporting.