BOS / Facilities O & M, Interim Services
Beale AFB, CA

Construction and maintenance of 16,000 SF of modular office space to include general facilities maintenance along with mass notification, sewage, pest control, waste management, electrical, and furnishings. Maintenance contract to continue through 2016.

Operation & Maintenance Petroleum Remediation System SWMU FBSB-101 Ft. Benning, GA

PetroleumRemediationSCMC operated and maintained the groundwater treatment system at SWMU FBSB-101. Activities included: monthly maintenance of the water treatment system, monthly system water sampling, replacing granular activated carbon as needed per lab results, disposal of the treatment system’s waste fuel, and disposal of PPE and spent filtration media staged in 55-gallon drums. Semi-annual groundwater sampling from 18 monitor wells were documented in Corrective Action Plan Progress Reports, to include its results and associated site activities.

Innovative Technology Implementation, High Pressure Injection
Bushnell, FL

InnovativeTechDue to the local difficult geological and hydrogeological conditions at this site, an innovative remedial approach using high pressure injection of bio-augmentation solutions was selected and implemented via 4-inch injection wells in limestone bedrock. Injection wells were installed as open boreholes with carbon steel casing using a sonic drill rig. After the first year of monitoring following the injections, groundwater showed a 50% net reduction in contaminant concentrations. As a result, a second round of injections was authorized and performed. Quarterly and semi-annual sampling is performed in order to gauge remedial progress.

First Division Road Landfill
Ft. Benning, GA

FirstDivisionSCMC operated and maintained the First Division Road Landfill that consisted of inspection and monitoring, pump maintenance, waste disposal, system operations and calibration, and well monitoring.
Monthly inspection and monitoring of gas content at 39 gas vents on the landfill was performed and methane flow from the gas vents was adjusted to ensure methane did not migrate off-site. Maintenance on the submersible pumps, pumping waste water (leachate) accumulated in the collection system was conducted. Proper disposal the waste water, operating and maintaining the methane collection equipment, monitoring/calibrating telemetry readings, inspecting and adjusting over one mile of methane piping, and collecting gas readings on the perimeter methane monitoring wells were also performed. The methane gas extraction system contained above-ground adjustable pipe stanchions so the condensate pipes can be easily adjusted as the landfill subsides.

USS Theodore Roosevelt Ship Habitability
Norfolk, VA

WARDROOM-2Renovations of Wardrooms I, II, and III included the design of custom furniture, audio and video, as well as food serving stations. SCMC also designed and renovated the Commodore’s Cabin to include custom ship approved furniture design and manufacturing.

The National Wild Turkey Federation
Edgefield, SC

This project consists of a three phased design-build project for a hunting heritage and outdoor education center. It includes a 10,000 SF conference and training center, awards pavilion, archery facility, skeet/trap range, three sporting clay courses, 500 space parking lot, with RV and ATV parking. The site also includes a maintenance and storage facility, cabins, amphitheater, rifle and pistol range, and hiking trails. SCMC is serving as prime contractor with design partner Wiley | Wilson.

Schenectady Army Reserve Center
Schenectady, NY

This project is a design-build construction of an Army Reserve Center consisting of a 60,670 SF training building, a 5,258 SF organizational maintenance shop, and two buildings encompassing 5,465 SF of unheated storage facilities. Supporting site amenities included a vehicle wash rack, and military equipment and privately-owned vehicle parking areas. SCMC performed demolition of the original site.


Repair / Upgrade of HVAC System
Ft. Drum, NY

FortDrumSCMC upgraded, modified and repaired the existing HVAC system in Hays Hall, a 74,660 SF two story building with a basement constructed in 1990. SCMC provided a complete and functioning heating, ventilation and cooling system. All work met Fort Drum Design Standards, Unified Facilities Criteria, ASHRAE, IMC, IBC and NFPA requirements. The project work was performed primarily on the first floor, second floor, attic, and in the mechanical and electrical rooms in the basement. Exterior to the building, work took place adjacent to the existing chiller enclosure at the north end of the building.

Niagara Flight Simulator Facility
Niagara Falls ARB, NY

NiagaraFallsAirReserveStationSCMC is the Prime contractor for the new construction of an 11,300 SF flight simulator facility to accommodate a full motion C-130 flight simulator and administrative spaces. The simulator bay requires special structural, electrical, hydraulic, and HVAC systems to support simulator operations. The supporting facilities include general site improvements, utilities, parking, sidewalks, and water quality & water quantity control features. Completed project will be constructed in accordance with United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Standards.

Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Café
Ft. Belvoir, VA

MDA Cafe CompletionA performance-based design-build approach was used to modify and transform a basement break room into a café for serving breakfast and lunch to military, civilian and contractor personnel working at or visiting this MDA location. SCMC provided project management, detailed architectural and engineering drawings, construction, kitchen equipment acquisition, interior casework, HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems, and fire protection.