Our Competitive Advantages

Why Choose Us

SCMC distinguishes itself from other emerging small businesses and small disadvantaged businesses (SDBs) in several key ways. These competitive advantages are then passed on to our clients, giving them the power to more easily meet their objectives.

Our Native and 8(a) SDB procurement status is backed up by a talented team that has extensive experience across all types of Government procurement and contracting vehicles, with a history of exceptional performance and award winning service in the governmental sectors. Additionally, we demonstrate a developed organizational infrastructure and financial strength that competitors cannot duplicate.

Contracting Status

Prime Contracting Advantages

As a Tribally owned Native American 8(a) SCMC has a number of exemptions under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR):

  • Special Exemptions – Tribal entities have a special set of rules under the 8(a) Program, excluding exemptions for lifetime contract limits (13CFR124.109; 13CFR519(a)(1)).
  • Exemption from Competitive Thresholds – Tribal (8(a)’s are Exempt from the Competitive Threshold of $4M for Services Contracts and $6.5M for Manufacturing Contracts (FAR 19.805-1(b)(2); 13CFR124.311(b)).
  • Direct Negotiated Contract – A Government Agency may contract directly with an 8(a) Tribal entity…and the entity may receive a directly negotiated contract regardless of dollar amount (13CFR124.506(b)
  • No Award Dollar Limit – An 8(a) Tribal entity is not subject to the same dollar limitations on directly negotiated contracts as other non-native entities (13CFR124.506(b).
  • No Protest of Award – The eligibility of a participant for a directly negotiated award many not be challenged by another participant or any other party, either to the SBA or any administrative forum as part of a bid or other contract protest (3CFR124.517(a).
  • SDB and Native Credits – Federal agencies contracting to a 8(a) Tribal entity may claim SDB and Native American credits (13CFR124.105 and .109), states and localities where SCMC conducts business

Subcontracting Advantages

FAR 52.219-9

SCMC is considered a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) to a Prime as part of your Small Business subcontracting goals. Under FAR 52.219-9 Small business subcontracting plan (d)(1)(I), “Subcontracts awarded to an… Indian tribe shall be counted towards the subcontracting goals for small business and small disadvantaged business (SDB) concerns, regardless of the size or Small Business Administration certification status…”

DFARS 252.226-7001

Prime contractors on DOD contracts can gain an economic advantage of the Indian Incentive Program (IIP) in subcontracting with us. Under DFARS clause 252.226-7001, Utilization of Indian Organizations and Indian Owned Economic Enterprises, DOD Prime Contractors with subcontracts to SCMC are eligible for incentive payments under the program.

Management Experience

SCMC has the key management expertise and skills to operate and manage the growth and operations of the company, including fixed price, cost reimbursement, incentive fee, and time & materials contracts. Our senior leadership consists of proven program managers and industry experts, each with decades of experience managing and deploying successful, complex projects in the environmental services, construction services, and operations support in Government contracting and commercial sectors. Highly motivated, we bring expertise, responsiveness, accountability, innovation, and partnering to each and every program.

Operations Excellence

SCMC has the capacity to perform services in alignment with our customers’ demands and expectations. We have a Program Management Office that is staffed to ensure the highest level of service delivery.

  • A small business structure which fosters the organizational agility and flexibility required to deliver streamlined and innovative decision-making, effective project communications, re-work mitigation and immediate issue resolution.
  • Office locations are geographically spaced to service the varied demands of customers and program locations.

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